Business, Marketing, Life – It’s Progress Not Perfection Part 2 – Extraordinary Results

When it comes to your seminar, webinar, e-course, e-book or Spectacular Presentation, progress or success does not have to be defined as perfectly completing the entire project. It is ordinary things consistently done that produce extraordinary results. It could be winning a race, making more money or being a world-class parent.Reading with kids between the ages of seven and twelve for five minutes a day can make a difference. Playing catch with your child for five minutes a day can produce extraordinary results if you do it every day.Some parents wait for the perfect moment to do it for an hour, which is doing it perfectly, but doing it sloppily for 300 seconds/five minutes and still doing it over 365 days is a lot of time. So doing things imperfectly over time produces extraordinary results. That’s progress not perfection.12-Step ProgramsIf you look at any 12-step recovery program whether it’s AA or any drug addiction 12-step program, the reason they work so well is because they just want you to get started. Go to a meeting. By going to meetings, someone can achieve sobriety.That’s an ordinary thing done consistently every day. If it can save your life to do an ordinary thing consistently can’t it change the way you do business?I Plan, I Act, I Study the ResultsWhat Deming said was,”I plan I act and I study the results”. That’s like problem-action-result. He plans, so he’s doing progress. He acts he’s doing progress. He’s studying so he’s doing progress. He’s not waiting for the perfect moment otherwise he’d be like the wolf in sheep’s clothing.Test, Fail, LearnBuckminster Fuller, one of the richest men who ever lived on earth used to test, fail and learn. That was his three-step process.Deming was the one who’s well known in Japan and the U.S. for the quality improvement era after World War II.Buckminster Fuller was known for many achievements. When he and Einstein crossed paths at a university on the East Coast, Einstein said, “You’re the only man who understands my theory of relativity”. Bucky said test, fail, learn so failure was inherent to his process.Test something, that’s making progress, it’s not perfection; test. Fail, that’s not perfection that’s progress and then learn that that’s where the perfection comes in. For Deming it was study; plan, act, study. Test, fail, and learn, that was Bucky Fuller.Go For Progress Not PerfectionThat’s what progress not perfection means. The greatest entrepreneurs are people who go for the progress not for perfection.You can die striving for perfection, but you can live having progress.

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